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SINE upgraded to MPLS

MastAfter a successful test period most of the Danish emergency network SINE surpassed from E1 technology to MPLS June 1st 2014.

From E1 to MPLS
The transfer from E1 to MPLS was part of an option in the contract between DBK and the Danish Government and was among other things driven by a wish from DBK to create more stability in the network. MPLS ensures high reliability which is paramount for SINE.

The process has been going on for a long time. The preparedness phase began in 2010 with testing, evaluations and contract negotiations with the vendor. Then the actual installation period followed with installation of routers, switching of sites from E1 to MPLS and execution of technical tests until the actual roll out in the summer of 2013. The project was finally approved June 1st 2014.

MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching. The technology is able to transport information from one part of the network to another regardless of the method of transportation.