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User survey

During November 2015 DBK completed the annual user survey. We would like to say thanks to all super users, who took the time to answer all of our questions. You have contributed to our continued work improving our services and deliveries to Tetra users throughout the country.

The answers from the survey are currently being analyzed. We publish the results in the next issue of DBK News, March 2016.


DBK recertified

DBK has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2010. An ISO certified company must meet the requirements of the standard ISO 9001. To ensure that we continue to meet the requirements we are continuously audited and recertified.

In November we had a visit from Force Technology who is responsible for the recertification of DBK. Both management and staff were audited in two intensive days. Selected procedures were reviewed in detail. It is crucial that the written procedures actually correspond to the actions performed in daily life.

DBK passed the recertification without any discrepancies and were praised due to our continuous development of IT tools supporting the operation and improving the communication with super users, such as our Alarm Tool, FleeDa and Daily Network Status.

Once again we proved that DBK continue to meet the prescribed requirements.

DBK has a new employee

Soren paintDBK has a new employee. Søren Jakobsen, who has joined DBK by March 1st  with the title of Incident/Program Manager.

Søren came to DBK in September 2001 as a Project manager and has been involved in the roll-out of the SINE network all over Denmark. He knows virtually each and every site in Denmark. 5 NMC operators and 1 back-office employee reports directly to Søren in his position as Incident manager, and in the role as Program Manager he will have the responsible for projects concerning the SINE net.

Søren has a background as a building constructor and has a bachelor degree in Organization and Management from Copenhagen Business School focusing on Strategic Management.

Restart of Voicenodes

Kontrolrum3 paintThis new service provides the option for SINE Helpdesk to perform a restart of one or more voice nodes  (one voice node is typically one operator position). The service may be performed in situations where the operator experiences problems in his control center function (ICCS) despite DBKs monitoring shows that all elements seem to work all right.

Readymade templates in the Ticket system makes it easy for the Super User to request the restart, securing at the same time that the restart is only performed for your own control center (ICCS).

Restart will, if possible, be executed immediately, and not, like before, be escalated to second level support and performed only during normal working hours. Now it may be executed around the clock.

Merge of emergency operators in DK

Papirstak paintThe merging of the different emergency operators in DK has already started, and it also affects the administration of the SINE radios.

A new “Tilslutningsaftale” (use agreement) shall be signed by each of the new merged organizations. The new “Tilslutningsaftale” will replace the old agreements for each of the units. The replacement agreement is a replica of the old however Annex A will include text declaring which old agreements it replaces and who is the new contact person/persons (Super Users) are.

The old agreement also included an- in principle always updated-  list of radio equipment that was used by the emergency operator. In real life, however it has been impractical to update, why it will not be included in the new agreements. The radio population will in the future only be handled through the Fleetmap.

The next step is to create a new Fleetmap for the merged Unit which contains the collective pool of radios and which reflects the new structure in the merged unit. If you wish CFB will assist with this task, the result being a new updated common Fleetmap which encompass the whole new Unit, with a revised structure for talk groups and potentially subdivisions matching the previous units. When the new Fleetmap is updated, a copy shall be send to DBK through the SINE helpdesk, who then archives it and makes it available for CFB and the radio programmers.

In time, when the new database, FleeDa, is available, the Fleetmaps will be transferred into FleeDa.

FleeDa has currently been tested by eight different operators in a Pilot test run, and changes arising from the pilot tests are presently under implementation. When the updates are implemented, FleeDa will be tested again, before general release in fall 2015.

If you need assistance and support in merging Fleetmaps please contact Gitte Justesen, CFB (gju@sikkerhedsnet.dk)

For any questions regarding FleeDa, please contact  Zuzana Knudsen, DBK (Z.Knudsen@motorolasolutions.com).

Region Coordination meetings (RKG)

Teletobbies2During 2014 CFB and DBK reestablished the series of meetings “ Regionale Koordineringsgruppe møder (RKG)” after having abandoned them for a  few  years. A total of 3 sessions, each at 5 different locations in Denmark were implemented, and they were all well attended. DBK would like to extend our thanks for the hospitality we have met from the facilitators all over Denmark.

The focus  for the first meeting was to introduce a new and updated mission for the RKG meetings to be the forum for the  Super Users and a to offer a venue for sharing knowledge for all system users . These two user groups will, going forward, be invited to the RKG meetings which will be held two times a year in each of the five regions.

Dates  for meetings in Spring  2015:
Region Hovedstaden, 11. May 2015
Region Sjælland, 12. May 2015
Region Syddanmark, 18. May 2015
Region Midtjylland, 19. May 2015
Region Nordjylland, 20. May 2015

Copenhagen Metro

BoremaskineIn November 2013 it was decided to implement SINE coverage in the “old” Metro 1 and 2, and it is with great joy we can announce, that the implementation is complete and the coverage is established and approved by the customer in December 2014.

At the same time the work in the “new” Metro City Ring is ongoing. It is a requirement from the Danish Emergency Authority that there is SINE coverage at all times during the construction of the tunnels. The SINE system will be used in emergency situations throughout the tunnels and the construction period, but it is also used as a workplace intercommunication system for the company SELI Denmark, who is responsible for drilling the tunnels.

The setup of SINE system is done at each of the Metro building sites, while the antennas in the tunnels are established and extended directly, following the drilling machines, by SELI Denmark. For each 100 meter the antenna has to be extended.

Jan Skjold leaves DBK

Jan Skjold portræt 480x640After 11 years Jan Skjold has decided to leave DBK. While Jan had his last work day in December, a farewell reception for him was arranged in the beginning of January 2015.

Jan’s career started in Motorola in 2001, where he and Bo Wassberg worked together on convincing commercial companies to use the TetraNet, which was the initial name for SINE. At that time Motorola already had the frequency license and the operator permission in place, and when the first client, Movia, signed up, the occasion was celebrated by establishing Dansk Beredskabskommunikation A/S.

The First big job for Jan was to prequalify Dansk Beredskabskommunikation for the bid for the SINE network with the Danish Government. That showed to be a huge task, including a lot of work over a long time. After 6 years of preparations the success was a reality. The contract was signed in 2007, and the SINE network became a reality in 2009 were it was rolled out all over Denmark. Throughout all the phases Jan was the main contact person from DBK towards the Danish Government/Rigspolitiet, and that has been the case until his resignation from DBK. Jan will be missed within DBK and also by his customers over Denmark for his fast brain and always sharp observations.

SINE Portal

imagesBXZAWLSAIn July all Super Users of the SINE network received a mail from DBK informing on changes that are going to happen to the SINE portal during the month of August,  updating of the portal itself, but also covering the release of a new and much more user friendly ticket system.

Unfortunately the roll out did not happened as planned. A Mountain bike trip in Switzerland for the man in charge of the roll out, ended with a trip in a helicopter to the nearest hospital. Several splits in the hip, a fracture in the femur and damage in the shoulder stopped the roll out for a short while.

Luckily our IT manager, however, is made of special stuff; he is already up and running again. This means that the planning for the roll out has been restarted, and we expect a new mail with dates for the rollout will be sent to the Super Users very soon.

We apologizes to all who have been wondering what happened to the next mail from DBK on the roll out.

Customer satisfaction survey

MeningOne of the basics of the Quality System ISO9001 is, that you ask your customers how satisfied they are with the service you provide.

For DBK this means that we ask our customers (Super users and end users) how they experience the service delivered by the  SINE network, the operation of the network and the service provided by SINE Helpdesk, which is in operation 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

DBK runs a customer survey every year, alternating between asking the registered Super Users of the SINE network and end users of the SINE network. This year the survey is directed towards the end users.

The end users will be contacted by phone during December by a marketing agency working for DBK, and they will be asked several questions about the quality of the service. The end users being contacted are selected with help from a group of Super users, who we will contact during November.

We hope that both Super users and end users will help us doing the survey. The result has a great value for us and also our customers, as it will be analyzed and used to improve our service and the systems if needed.