Merge of emergency operators in DK

Papirstak paintThe merging of the different emergency operators in DK has already started, and it also affects the administration of the SINE radios.

A new “Tilslutningsaftale” (use agreement) shall be signed by each of the new merged organizations. The new “Tilslutningsaftale” will replace the old agreements for each of the units. The replacement agreement is a replica of the old however Annex A will include text declaring which old agreements it replaces and who is the new contact person/persons (Super Users) are.

The old agreement also included an- in principle always updated-  list of radio equipment that was used by the emergency operator. In real life, however it has been impractical to update, why it will not be included in the new agreements. The radio population will in the future only be handled through the Fleetmap.

The next step is to create a new Fleetmap for the merged Unit which contains the collective pool of radios and which reflects the new structure in the merged unit. If you wish CFB will assist with this task, the result being a new updated common Fleetmap which encompass the whole new Unit, with a revised structure for talk groups and potentially subdivisions matching the previous units. When the new Fleetmap is updated, a copy shall be send to DBK through the SINE helpdesk, who then archives it and makes it available for CFB and the radio programmers.

In time, when the new database, FleeDa, is available, the Fleetmaps will be transferred into FleeDa.

FleeDa has currently been tested by eight different operators in a Pilot test run, and changes arising from the pilot tests are presently under implementation. When the updates are implemented, FleeDa will be tested again, before general release in fall 2015.

If you need assistance and support in merging Fleetmaps please contact Gitte Justesen, CFB (

For any questions regarding FleeDa, please contact  Zuzana Knudsen, DBK (