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Copenhagen Metro

BoremaskineIn November 2013 it was decided to implement SINE coverage in the “old” Metro 1 and 2, and it is with great joy we can announce, that the implementation is complete and the coverage is established and approved by the customer in December 2014.

At the same time the work in the “new” Metro City Ring is ongoing. It is a requirement from the Danish Emergency Authority that there is SINE coverage at all times during the construction of the tunnels. The SINE system will be used in emergency situations throughout the tunnels and the construction period, but it is also used as a workplace intercommunication system for the company SELI Denmark, who is responsible for drilling the tunnels.

The setup of SINE system is done at each of the Metro building sites, while the antennas in the tunnels are established and extended directly, following the drilling machines, by SELI Denmark. For each 100 meter the antenna has to be extended.