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Region Coordination meetings (RKG)

Teletobbies2During 2014 CFB and DBK reestablished the series of meetings “ Regionale Koordineringsgruppe møder (RKG)” after having abandoned them for a  few  years. A total of 3 sessions, each at 5 different locations in Denmark were implemented, and they were all well attended. DBK would like to extend our thanks for the hospitality we have met from the facilitators all over Denmark.

The focus  for the first meeting was to introduce a new and updated mission for the RKG meetings to be the forum for the  Super Users and a to offer a venue for sharing knowledge for all system users . These two user groups will, going forward, be invited to the RKG meetings which will be held two times a year in each of the five regions.

Dates  for meetings in Spring  2015:
Region Hovedstaden, 11. May 2015
Region Sjælland, 12. May 2015
Region Syddanmark, 18. May 2015
Region Midtjylland, 19. May 2015
Region Nordjylland, 20. May 2015