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SINE Portal

imagesBXZAWLSAIn July all Super Users of the SINE network received a mail from DBK informing on changes that are going to happen to the SINE portal during the month of August,  updating of the portal itself, but also covering the release of a new and much more user friendly ticket system.

Unfortunately the roll out did not happened as planned. A Mountain bike trip in Switzerland for the man in charge of the roll out, ended with a trip in a helicopter to the nearest hospital. Several splits in the hip, a fracture in the femur and damage in the shoulder stopped the roll out for a short while.

Luckily our IT manager, however, is made of special stuff; he is already up and running again. This means that the planning for the roll out has been restarted, and we expect a new mail with dates for the rollout will be sent to the Super Users very soon.

We apologizes to all who have been wondering what happened to the next mail from DBK on the roll out.