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Customer satisfaction survey

MeningOne of the basics of the Quality System ISO9001 is, that you ask your customers how satisfied they are with the service you provide.

For DBK this means that we ask our customers (Super users and end users) how they experience the service delivered by the  SINE network, the operation of the network and the service provided by SINE Helpdesk, which is in operation 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

DBK runs a customer survey every year, alternating between asking the registered Super Users of the SINE network and end users of the SINE network. This year the survey is directed towards the end users.

The end users will be contacted by phone during December by a marketing agency working for DBK, and they will be asked several questions about the quality of the service. The end users being contacted are selected with help from a group of Super users, who we will contact during November.

We hope that both Super users and end users will help us doing the survey. The result has a great value for us and also our customers, as it will be analyzed and used to improve our service and the systems if needed.